Terzo Giorno

Title Terzo Giorno
Label | SA023

The new imprint for Stroboscopic Artefacts: Terzo Giorno – or Third Day – by Italian producer Donato Dozzy. It is an EP of great textural dexterity, traversing the moving and the misanthropic. First track ‘Il Canto Della Maga’ presages the onset of Part II’s kick drum with mordant wind chimes, tinkling outside a house of pain and disturbance. The chimes reverberate around impressions of capacious depth – a distant factory whirring, lorries creeping in a tunnel – and that depth is incessantly, resolutely emphatic. And on that goes to ‘…Part II’, an immediate thrust into the deepest corners of techno. You can hear the sweat on the walls, the rumble in the speakers, the almost jubilant high-end synth rubbing against your skin. Vocals and/or metallic manipulation pour in half-way in. And then, as if summoned by the chimes outside the house, cease slowly. The third eponymous track is another made for the floor, and has a reasonably friendly upper line. Do not be fooled, however: a snarling squelch gives way to a scarily saccharine synth, incising with a jab two times a bar. A funkier beat slowly emerges from a distinctly off-beat one, bringing the piece to a natural, if not nice, conclusion. The final track, ‘Sotto Ma Sotto’, comes in like a train with an alarm going off. Its machine-like run, jumpy in tone and beat, is as delicate as its kick is deep. The alarm, meanwhile, fails to err: it is determined and charming, a call for heavenly climes and ecstatic moods. This is a wonderful track, built on insistence and executed with precision. The chimes having run out of puff, this is a faultlessly incessant record. It is tempo up, both feet to the floor.

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A1. Il Canto Della MagaA2. Il Canto Della Maga Part IIB1. Terzo GiornoB2. Sotto Ma Sotto


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