Portrait with Firewood

Title Portrait with Firewood
Label | RS1810

As ‘Portrait With Firewood’ is Felix’s most personal body of work to date, the product of an emotionally turbulent 2017, capturing the range of feelings and emotions he went through in vivid sonic beauty. By putting aside his previous sampladelic approach he returned to his childhood instrument of the piano as a core starting point. “It’s a confessional record… I realise that’s a word mostly used to describe singer/songwriter rather than (largely) instrumental music, but I think it’s apt. There’s a sort of emotional candour.’
Felix is classically trained in the jazz tradition and influenced by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Alice Coltrane. Previously he was shy at the prospect of fans hearing his piano playing, but determined to overcome this fear he has brought forward a new honesty to his work. “Finding the confidence to work with my own piano improvisations was a big part of that. Once I had figured out how I was going to make the music, it actually fell in to place rather quickly.’
Felix’s goal was to create something “overwhelmingly beautiful”, but also to capture the “inherent melancholy in beauty in all it’s impermanance and fragility”. He took inspiration and solace from performance artist Marina Abramovic.

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A1. UnblockedA2. Waters RisingA3. Creature Pt. 1B1. Creature Pt. 2B2. SexC1. Blue VioletC2. SparrowsD1. Showreel Pt. 3D2. Blood In My Mouth


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