Mini Rotations I

Artist(s): , Label: | ROTATE005 Style: Format: 10"


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the agency, Rotate has a hefty 2xLP compilation coming, featuring its in-house artists as a follow-up to “Rotations I” from 2016. In the meantime, the imprint prepared a 10″ Split-EP teaser, appropriately named “Mini Rotations I”, featuring Cleymoore and Loopdeville. This release will also kickstart a series of split 10″ records for in-house artists to explore their solo music identities.

The A-Side ‘How Far Would You Go’ brings Cleymoore back to Rotate, and while it may sound very different from what he has been creating over the years, his extended storytelling techniques, attention to detail and peculiar mind-body targetting are still identifiable, and slightly matured. Deeply swung basslines, echoes of detailed, syncopated drum-arrangements, nostalgia-drenched pads and spellbinding melodies are his ingredients for hypnosis, bending time, space and musical genres.

Loopdeville’s ‘Why So Dark’ fills the B-Side with a lighter, more playful tone. Sparkling modular glitches, synthesizer stabs and vocal snippets fill the space like a micro-cosmos that is as colorful as it is dreamy, while the roaring bassline and the tight, but slightly shuffled hi-hats keep everything groovy and strangely jazzy. Echoing piano loops in the background ensuring the mind’s need for something organic and warm, and further enabling the effectiveness of syncopated dance moves so familiar to micro-house aficionados.
“Mini Rotations I” is a versatile start for this series of split 10″ EPs where artists can be themselves, loyal to their own sound and their very distinct personalities. Artwork and design by Max Binski.


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