White 606

Title White 606
Label | RICE01

“RICE” is the party continued over 10 years in club MAGO, Nagoya organized by Tanukeep and G, met in
Berlin. Calling authentic and trusted guests like “Zip”, “Sammy Dee”, “Daniel Bell”, RICE will finally starting
the vinyl label. First release will be the E.P composed by Goemon, a very close friend of both Tanukeep and G,
who lives in Nagoya. Included 2 tracks are all based on the grooves made by Roland legendary drum machine
“TR-606”. Kept minimal and nicely composed with HOUSE music mannered bass and synthesizer. A-side is
simple and modern but rigid minimal track which strongly appeals the groove. Deep and “in to” taste track on
B-side. Both tracks express the party image and history of RICE. Indeed, this product success to package their
party it self. RICE will be continued releasing “Floor Like” records for club oriented people, with true and pure
insistence of their own style.

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A. Attack ChanceB. Fm Bass


March 2019

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