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Artist : Label : | RDV04 Styles : , Format : 12"


Only four releases into it’s blossoming back catalogue, and Molly’s RDV label continues to establish itself as an unmissable outlet for contemporary house and techno with an EP from long-established, always-vital German producer, Dana Ruh.The twitchy, rhythmic ‘Natural High’ sets the rhythm, ideal for those easily seduced by Ruh’s indelibly tight drum work (or those about to be converted to it nonetheless). ‘Moonday’ then expands the sound with a deeply satisfying bassline that blossoms in myriad evocative directions, incorporating trippy acid fluctuations, haunting vocals and a general sense of strobe-lit urgency.On the flip, and ‘Vattenfall my A’ establishes the energy which which it shares its namesake, trading in a minimal but flexible bassline and eeking out each ounce of tension, in the confident, minimalist style Dana Ruh is beloved for. To close the EP, Molly herself takes ‘Vattenfall my A’ to task, tunneling deeper still with a remix that establishes several shades of fresh, sensual ambiguity, not to mention, an ominous bassline that flirts with the edge.


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A1. Natural High

Dana Ruh


A2. Moonday

Dana Ruh


B1. Vattenfall My A

Dana Ruh


B2. Vattenfall My A (Molly Remix)

Dana Ruh

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