Club V-Bee


Label: | RB06 Style: Format: 12"


What do we have here? Well this is the sixth record from the Regelbau crew – ‘Club V-Bee’. Buying this record means you will score four cuts. The opening track is Manmade Deejay making his first solo appearance on the label with ‘Club V-Bee’. This one is already approved by the deep house community. On the inner cut of the A-side, Manmade teamed up with the infamous Hi Mount on ‘Impresionante’. Flipping the record you will find ‘Friends & Strangers’ by DJ Sports making his second solo appearance on RB. Hi Mount round up the record with their heater ‘In The Heat’ straight out of the cave in Højbjerg (R.I.P).

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Tracks List


A1. Manmade DeeJay – V-Bee

Various Artists


A2. Hi Mount & Man-Dee – Impresionante

Various Artists


B1. Dj Sports – Friends & Strangers

Various Artists


B2. Hi Mount – In The Heat

Various Artists

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