Various Artists I

Title Various Artists I
Label | RARE002

RA+RE is a Paris based female only record label created by three young women. The name of the label, RA+RE Records describes precisely the music it aims to represent: rare, underground, unique and meaningful. RA+RE Records aims to gather talented feminine artists that will spread their sound and sensibility all over the world. RA+RE Records is excited to present for its first Various Artists EP, vinyl only, the talented Hellen Mills, Adina Paun, Stefny and Eveline Fink. The dark dubby minimal layers of the tracks combined to the microhouse sound pads give a complete club EP.

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A1. Adina Paun – Amour NoirA2. Eveline Fink – AmusedB1. Hellen Mills – YoubeskB2. Stefny – You & Me


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