Hyperdelic EP

Artist(s): Label: | RADIANTRECORDS006 Style: , Format: 12" Features: Byron Yeates & Roza Terenzi Remix

Kasra V’s Hyperdelic EP, his first release on Radiant Records, showcases the producer’s attentive ear for textural and rhythmic play. His last EP from 2018, Akasa, was a collection of dreamy, break-driven pieces, and a more ambient collaboration with Dopplereffekt; timbre and meticulously tuned sonics were also in focus then, but we now hear a reduction of form, and with it, a saturation of style.

“Voice note to self” kicks off the EP with a boom-bap drum loop. The rhythm continues as percussive elements are added and removed, adhering to the groove and its growing complexity. A warm bassline chugs along, pitched vocals mumble into the static, and an ascendant pad begins to give the track a gorgeous depth: a horizon. Following is a remix of the same track by Byron B. Yeates and Roza Terenzi, adapting certain samples from Kasra V’s production and looping them up to a brisk 142 BPM. As can be expected from these two, the kick’s punchy 4/4 structure is buttressed by crisp percussion and clever, unexpected rhythms.

On the B-side, “Vesper” takes us back to downtempo. Bumping on at around 80 BPM, Kasra V builds upon a drum-machine loop with processed percussion samples: a snare-roll one could hear in a jungle track, chopped claps panning across the break, and so on. And the slow, warm gurgle of an 808 comes in just at the point of fracture, holding it all together. “Night Prime” extends the EP’s principle of a drum loop serving as the skeleton – with greater drama, somehow. Like in “Voice note to self”, we hear vocal samples, but here they swerve in and out of clarity; we break into unexpected moments of silence, and the loop restarts; 3 minutes in, a huge, minor piano chord breaks upon the track like dusk. “Warm up great” closes the EP with the blend of left-field groove and dissonance one might associate with Future Sound of London or early work of The Chemical Brothers. The textures and tunings of each sample are so dense, so delicious, Kasra V lets us savour them for the last 20 seconds of the EP, lost in the reverb of a singly struck piano key.


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