Sen~or Pescador / Travel Miles

Artist : Label : | PURESHORES-002 Styles : , , Format : 2 x 12"

From Aus Music to Disfigured Dubz, Hypercolour to Butter Side Up, Youandewan has remained a steadfast figure in the UK house scene thanks to his inventive touch and crisp approach to production. After launching the Pure Shores label in 2020, he’s finally returned to the imprint with South African producer Mculo in tow, and between them the pair offer up an immersive trip into trancey house which should easily slide its way into many a record bag. From the uptempo, tricksy tones of ‘Sen Or Pescador’ to the saucer-eyed ‘Travel Miles (Paradise Lost Mix)’, Youandewan and Mculo have everything you need to get the crowd loosened up a treat


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A. Sen~or Pescador



B. Travel Miles


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