Protection 1

Title Protection 1
Label | PTC-1

Romanian DJ/producer Cosmin TRG inaugurates Haruka’s Protection label with four original works of black hole electronic psychedelia and ectoplasmic techno. Kickless shapeshifting textures of an unknown era, Protection 1 is fit for both home listening and club manipulation. A1’s entrancing dream synthesis marvels beyond the final frontier, hastily disrupted by A2’s future-pagan paranoia. The hypnotic tension of B1 arrives like a chopper from the Apocalypse Now opening sequence, descending into madness with its durational force. B2 restores the depleted energy with a healing sound bath – a powerful
unity of the ancient world and the astral realm. PROTECTION RECORDS BIO Protection is the new label from Japanese techno scene mainstay and Future Terror organizer Haruka. Echoing his DJ
style and a predilection for more deeper, psychedelic trains of techno, Protection focuses on experimental electronic music – energised subtlety that rides the axis of living room listening and club tools primed for heavy EQing. A sanctuary for music he loves, Haruka pulls from his international orbit with the first release from Cosmin TRG, housed in sleeve design by revered Japanese blackwork and neo-tribal tattooist Taku Oshima.

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