Promo #4

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Title Promo #4
Label | PROMO004
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FELA Jonathan Loma mix When Spain meets Africa. Musician Jonathan Loma from Spain on the mix with this joyful, innovative rhythm, infused with African sounds and samples. Noticeably, Nigerian legend Fela Kuti can be heard during the latter parts of the track behind the shifting drum patterns which give this record a very catchy beat. Swinging hats and rolling snares keep the beat flowing over a loopy and swirling melody. The unpredictable and spontaneous sounds sliding in and out display creativity from the Spanish producer, but the highlight here is the subtle African background chants. Just wait for the smooth sax to appear.FELA H2H mix contrast to the Jonathan Loma mix and edging things into deeper territories, the Chez Damier and Ben Vedren (Heart 2 Heart) take on the track is a deep and driving dance floor mover. Quite literally talking toyou with an African accent throughout the majority of the track, the locked groove engages the listener and has you wondering if it will ever end. Loud claps, well-placed short and sharp snare rolls, and like that ofthe Loma take; spontaneous sounds creeping in and out are all included over this cleverly layered deep beat.

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A. Fela – Fela (Jonathan Loma mix)B1. Fela – Fela (H2H remix)B2. H2H – 98 Yearss (bonus track)


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