Claws Sharp

Artist : Label : | PR007 Styles : , Format : 12"


Gera Taraman is a Ukrainian producer and designer who elegantly combines ultramodern sound design with burning grooves. Raised in a family of music teachers, he chose another musical path with the help of the Autechre, Eno and Ricardo Villalobos records which determined the direction of his tech house and techno experiments. His absolutely beautiful analog recordings have a jazzy touch, excellent development of ideas, never ending melodies and chord progressions etc.


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A1. Purpur

Gera Taraman


A2. Claws Sharp

Gera Taraman


B1. Purpur (Bruno Pronsato Remix)

Gera Taraman


B2. Claws Sharp (Fumiya Tanaka Remix)

Gera Taraman

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