Artist : Label : | 8 Styles : Format : 3 x 12"


As POINT G first compilation is comin out digitally they were no way the Vinyl scene gets a Real dose of exclusive treat .For this Triple Pack Vinyl Only Release POINT G revamps some classics of the Label , adds a new cut and get Lazare Hoche for a reshape of a 98 classic in other words : ‘Braka’ gets a serious new mix down with a frenzy pad , ‘Indian ‘ some dope additional keys ‘ Druker’ becomes a soulish Fun Break beat oriented type of remix ( check also the Druker dub )’Melik’ a new ruff cut ‘Hands’ this 98 classic get a reshape by lazare hoche.


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A1. Braka Revamp

Point G.


B1. Indian Revamp

Point G.


C1. Druker Revamp

Point G.


D1. Druker Revamp Dub

Point G.


E1. Melik

Point G.


F1. Hands ( Lazare Hoche Reshape)

Point G.