Artist(s): Label: | PLAYEDBY002 Style: Format: 12"


Playedby label returns with its second release called ”Emi șto”, featuring Emi’s artwork – covering a remix, a collaboration and a solo project. Willing to pursue different angles of expression, Emi’s reinterpretation of Adam Ben Ezra’s “Can’t stop running” sets the tone effortlessly, playing host to highly addictive arrangements. “Rundover”- produced in collaboration with Suciu under their Ritmico moniker – is fully committed to the dancefloor, a bass-heavy banger fractured by crossed talks, cutted thick and deep for club immersion. Wiredweird evokes the simplicity of modern minimalism; finely-carved hi-hats and other hissing bits of sound are going long and deep with the tunneling, highlighted by a powerful sub in perpetual pendulation

You Know The Deal – 500 Copies On 180 Gramm – No Repress. First Come/ First Serve!



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