Short Picture Stories

Artist : Label : | PKC002 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Pocket Club is the new project by Alex Troubetzkoy, an imprint aimed at no-boundaries exploration of sound & texture. ‘Short Picture Stories’ is the project’s first vinyl release with 4 very personal compositions blending many of Alex’s influences into genre-bending musical journeys that somehow complement each other, traversing the worlds of acoustics and electronics. Using different machines, various instruments, and different ways of recording, Alex strives to reach as much diversity in texture as possible through past and present. Welcome to Pocket Club.


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A1. Les Nouveaux Monstres

Pocket Club


A2. Rengaine d’Amour

Pocket Club


B1. Locomotive Ladybug

Pocket Club


B2. Free Mousse

Pocket Club

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