The Home Truths Compilation Volume Three

Artist : Label : | PH0005 Styles : , , Format : 12"

The Palham Music truck is back on the release highway with a superb 7 track selection of Workshop Records affiliated artists & friends, delivering a wide range of styles. Surf House by Even Tuell, a cerebral bouncer by Move D & DMan, distortions via ultra.clean, a slice of functional bass by Herron, locomotion speed-ups by MM/KM, a veritable brain raider courtesy of Lowtec & some slow grind by Pressburg. Packaged in a beautiful sleeve with artwork by Paul David Rollmann & Andrew Lyster. No more words.


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A1. Even Tuell - Majanicho Drive (Porn Sword Tobacco Overdub Mix)

Various Artists


A2. Move D / Dman - Tman 03

Various Artists


A3. Ultra Clean - Xh9Hs

Various Artists


A4. Herron - Rextrap

Various Artists


B1. MM / KM - Espace Level 2

Various Artists


B2. Lowtec - Man in the white Subaru Forester

Various Artists


B3. Pressburg - AA1

Various Artists

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