Lunatic Reinterpretations

Artist(s): Label: | PARTICULAR01 Style: , Format: 12"


Searching for a distinct sound, a dreamy soundscape that will reach both the mind and the soul, Particular has found the perfect man to deliver their first release.

Co-founder of the Lisière Collectif project, Andu Simion comes from the outskirts of Ploieti, Romania and you can hear the industrial side of the city in his sound. It’s safe to say that, while clearly being inspired by the Romanian minimal movement, he has crafted his own particular style: a deep, if maybe just a little acid-infused journey that has landed him last year a huge release on Atipic, Priku’s label.

This vinyl-only release starts off with Got To Be Real, a track full of overlapping percussions that steal the show, at least until the heavy bassline unleashes and the sudden change works wonders, making the listener want to get his feet moving. The second track on the A side, Aquarium 00 (name is inspired by the 2000’s internet café called Aquarium located in Ploieti), is certainly a change in tone and a more moody affair, full of trippy and stirring sounds, a welcome contrast that works perfectly.

The transition to the B side is a smooth one, as Broken Arch carries this mood on with a heavy bass line that manages somehow to stay in the background, letting the serene sounds on the surface take over.

Azureh, the track that closes things off, is a slow burner and the recurrent but eerie vocal is probably the only constant here, setting up the mood for a track that is constantly evolving. The percussion become more illustrious, the bass grows stronger and a deep, celestial, shivers-inducing sound appears gradually in the background.


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