Floating With The Current

Artist : , Label : | OVNIE002 Styles : Format : 12"


Madrid Underground and boutique label Ovnie delivers its 2nd release hiring Techno veteran Dan Piu for a split EP alongside labelhead Pohl. “Dusky & Piuish” on A1 from Dan Piu is a crooked groover that piles his 27 years old Roland TB 303 bass generously and keeps the swing tight and in combination with warm chords and spacey electronics making it indeed a very Piu‘ish track. A2 “Depresismatica” dives into deeper and emotionally waters. Piu knows how to create a melancholic atmosphere without losing sight of his dance ocean he created over all the decades being constantly in the studio producing hunderts of tracks.

The B-side belongs to Pohl. “Mello Phone“ is a spacey and freaked out, synth-heavy and filled to the brim with orignal Korg percussion and beats. Musically it is definitively a retro-futurist affair. B2 “Space in the distance“ is a killer exercise in dark mellow Techno and it clearly underlines Pohl‘s huge talent creating colorful soundscapes.


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A1. Dan Piu – Dusky And Puish

Dan Piu, Pohl


A2. Dan Piu – Depresismatica

Dan Piu, Pohl


B1. Pohl – Mello Phone

Dan Piu, Pohl


B2. Pohl – Space In The Distance

Dan Piu, Pohl