World Of The Waking State

Title World Of The Waking State
Label | OSTGUTLP27

Steffi occupies a unique space in the realm of contemporary electronic music. Although she’s a world renowned DJ, Steffi’s musical interests reach far beyond the dancefloor, and it’s her work as a producer that has established an impressive, hard-won legacy. Soon after moving to Berlin in 2007, Steffi joined Ostgut, becoming a resident at Panorama Bar and releasing on the club’s label.

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A1. Different EntitiesA2. Continuum Of The MindA3. All Living ThingsB1. The Meaning Of MemoryB2. Schools Of ThoughtC1. World Of The Waking StateC2. KokkieC3. Mental EventsD1. Bounces Of NatureD2. Cease To Exist


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