Maximum Entropy

Title Maximum Entropy
Label | ORN025

Gauss is a collaborative studio project that has been active since 2014. Individually, Chicago native Natan H has released on labels as respected as ManMakeMusic and Finale Sessions, while Maltese producer Owen Jay has been spotted on Underground Quality and Minuendo to name but a few.Independent from their accomplished solo careers, Gauss has a strong identity all of its own which taps into the immersive mood of Ornate Music while coming at it from a fresh direction. Building on the foundations of their self-released 12″ series and appearances on Contrast-Wax and Hizou Deep Rooted Music, the Maximum Entropy EP finds the duo in formidable form.
From low-blowing electro drums to shimmering pads, rugged, snaking house grooves to hypnotic, metallic chords, on this record Gauss have carved out a cohesive sound world that channels the spirit of classic dub techno. It’s this common thread that brings the four distinct tracks together into a truly engrossing exercise in deep-diving electronic music.
To celebrate this landmark release each record includes a limited edition printed insert featuring the label artwork from the 1st 25 releases cataloguing the story so far.

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A1. Maximum EntropyA2. BimodalB1. Piecewise DubB2. Dweller


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