Title Ebecs
Label | ORKL14

Lennard Poschmann returns to Oliver Hafenbauer’s Die Orakel label with a brand-new EP under his O-Wells alias.
‘Ebecs’ showcases the Robert Johnson resident’s subtle, distinct approach to Detroit-ish,
IDM & ambient-influenced electronic music.

Opening track ‘Ectid’ is a free-floating introduction revealing a glorious acid undercurrent. ‘Bbmore’ demonstrates a different kind of approach with the same wistful ingredients, unravelling a tightly wound drum structure from the inside. On ‘Exolite’, the inverse unfolds, as Wells blends experimental textures and introduces stabs of cathartic and deep bass.

Introducing the other half of the release, ‘Culling Virus’ is Wells’ take on simmering, paranoid electro. On the pairing of LL0P 1 and LL0P 2, he provides an intermission with two tense locked grooves before concluding the release with the cascading and dense ‘Shnuck’, a psychedelic transmission of complex layered sound design.

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A1. EctidA2. BBmoreA3. ExoliteB1. Culling VirusB2. LL0P 1B3. LL0P 2B4. Shnuck


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