Title 2012–2017
Label | OP048

Charting a return to the styles of his early releases on Wolf + Lamb, a blend of chugging slow disco and soul with ruggeder electronics and disco-house filter trickery, the set gives up 11 ‘floor heaters with highlights to be found in the dembow-driven disco jag Cityfade, on the bruised, Muslimgauze-gone-electro disco bumps of Flash in the Pan, and the unusually uptempo filtered disco loops of Some Kind of Game.

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A1. This Old House Is All I HaveA2. I Never DreamA3. Some Kind Of GameB1. HopelessB2. Such A Bad WayB3. Flash In The PanC1. City FadeC2. Now You Got Me HookedC3. Know YouD1. You're Going To Love Me And ScreamD2. Rave On You


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