Jream House Lp

Title Jream House Lp
Label | OP034
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Techno “songs” from a new name on Nico Jaar’s Other People roster

“Following his Extended Play EP on Other People last year, Jream House is the turbulent and spiritual debut LP of Mark Hurst aka A Pleasure. Blending mathematical composition with an unrestrained studio experimentalism, the sound of A Pleasure charts a space where formative influences confront the most immediate performative impulse. Through violent and idyllic atmospheres, Jream House jettisons its inspirations like landing shuttles, always in search of new ground. These are songs, not just experiments.”

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A1. Durutti GottschingA2. Arthur RusselA3. The Order Of ThingsB1. GraceB2. IdoruB3. Slow ChannelB4. Am Me Evol Eye


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