Title 1972
Label | O-TON125

On 1972, veteran producer and live musician Tobias Freund offers up four tracks of layered and meticulously-crafted techno using his extensive archives of tape recordings collected since childhood.

Referencing a mix of profound political events in German history
and esoteric meditation guides, the Berghain resident’s warm, detailed sound edges beyond the floor toward brain-tingling home listening and wanderlust autobahn escapism. The EP begins with the titles track’s buzzing synths panning rhythmically across the stereo field like a hypnotist’s pocket watch, while a somber, sampled string melody pushes further into cosmic territory before concluding with a bi-lingual eulogy. “Schism” soars with a never-ending snare roll and sparse kicks – an entire track floating on a break that never lands.

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A1. 1972A2. SchismB1. The wisdom Of No EscapeB2. Electric Storm


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