Ripples From the Edge

Title Ripples From the Edge
Label | NTDD007

Dublin’s R.Kitt, fresh off the back of an incredible live throw down at AVA festival in Belfast sent us through some divine music we absolutely had to have. “Ripples from the Edge” shares five sentimental yet forward thinking originals from the rising producer as well as a remix from label founder Eluize.

The title track comes at us with cascading arps, ariose droplets and pure, smokey pads that burst through a jungle of thumping percussion. “I Wish You Hadn’t Said” gets going with gritty breaks and glassy synths that would be at home on a fog laden warehouse floor, mood lightening melodic jabs slice through before things turn back to a tumultuous minor. “Strange Perspective” is casual and light hearted, funk charged electro.

On the flip “Stitch Up” feels ancestral, heavy bass, earthy leads and a dark and enigmatic vocal hit heavy. Damhsa, the Irish word for dance, inspires the next jam, “Machine Damhsa”, a fast paced 4/4 beckoning to do so. The track’s breath catching breakdown gives a moment of transcendence between it’s boundless energy and pulsating drive.

Eluize couldn’t resist the lush melodies from Ripples and dives in to turn out a cosmic, 80s touched b boy ready version.

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A1. Ripples From The EdgeA2. I Wish You Hadn't SaidA3. Strange PerspectiveB1. Stitch UpB2. Machine Damhsa


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