NSR 006

Title NSR 006
Label | NSR006

North South are channeling the early 90s with this sprightly new release from label co-founder Henry Hyde. There’s a clue in the title “I Heard You Like To Squelch” – the acidic synth line underpinning the track is certainly one to whip out the gum boots for, but it’s also lifted by bright and hopeful string pads straight from the Motor City blueprint. “My Function” is a playful track with more snappy synth plays and a catchy earworm vocal hook. “Sick Rick” has a more minimal outlook, but there’s still space for a proper cheeky bassline, and then “Second Face” completes the set with another wriggling, wiggly groover to get all kinds of mischief going on in the club.

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A1. I Heard You Like To SquelchA2. My FunctionB1. Slick RickB2. Second Face


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