Lettre Ouverte

Artist(s) ,
Title Lettre Ouverte
Label | NOUSLP005

Two artists who have carved out their own niche in todays techno universe join forces for their first collaborative full length. Ten tracks across two vinyls demonstrate the unique synergy between these two friends. In their collaboration they each focus on their own expertise, combining best of both worlds. Amandra on drums and Mattheis on synths – creating overlapping, constantly shifting patterns, like an endlessly captivating moire effect as result. Artwork print by Ruben Uvez. Pressed on 180g turquoise coloured vinyl, including downloadcode.

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A1. CornemuseA2. Lettre OuverteB1. ManekinB2. Riddle if MiniatureC1. JungledamC2. Droning PoemC3. KoboldD1. CarapaceD2. MerleD3. Rubina Finale


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