Images Of A Myth


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The first release from Naissance Musik (NM) is a 12” vinyl from the super-group Dream Scoring (HEAR and Hakim Murphy) entitled Images of a Myth. It is comprised of 4 tracks. A myth is a legendary story that a community validates to explain part of its reality. However any member or group within the community can have his or her own version of the myth, and the myth can also evolve through time. We may all listen to the same track but this track still calls up intimate images for each and every one of us. A myth is full of adventure and mystery, it is epic and full of emotions. It can be anything from the Lost Ark to Greek Gods fighting. The aim is to fill our bodies and minds with emotions. The main idea is to tell stories like books or movies, but through musical notes & rhythm. The music makers provide the musical image, the listeners create the myth. And vice-versa. 180gr. vinyl!

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Tracks List


A1. Silhouette

Dream Scoring


A2. Motion Currents

Dream Scoring


B1. Blowed Out

Dream Scoring


B2. Story Catcher

Dream Scoring

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