Needs x Green Vinyl present The Future Of Vinyl

Artist : Label : | NEEDS09 Styles : , Format : 12"

Needs – Not For Profit moves into the future of vinyl production partnering with Green Vinyl Records in Holland to produce the world’s first 100% recyclable record.

With 4.3m vinyl sales in the UK last year (the 12th consecutive year of growth), it’s clear that vinyl is back in a BIG way. But the basic technological principles of record pressing have not changed for a century and it now poses a more urgent environmental concern than it did in the format’s heyday.

GVR are a brand new pressing plant who have patented a revolutionary production method which uses injection moulding rather than steam energy, using 60% less energy than traditional vinyl production. It also uses no PVC (meaning it cannot warp), has a wider frequency spectrum & longer lifespan, and is a 100% recyclable product, meaning you can dispose of it in your home recycling bin.

This big step in vinyl history features the production skills of Saoirse, Reptant, Sansibar, Pugilist, LUXE and Hassan Abou Alam.

Join us as we change the future of vinyl <3


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A1. Saoirse - Rotational Speed

Various Artists


A2. Pugilist - Gluttony

Various Artists


A3. Reptant - The Last Laugh

Various Artists


B1. Sansibar - Sky Express

Various Artists


B2. Luxe - Flex

Various Artists


B3. Hassan Abou Alam - Cluttered

Various Artists

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