Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas Of Visions

Title Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas Of Visions
Label | NE73

Some serious hot tracks on this fourth instalment of the Scandinavian Swords series. It breaks with its predecessors’ forms. Deviating from the austere brevity that marks Northern Electronics out, Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions completes a survey of the label’s confidants and components in the same breath as it introduces a swarm of new artists and genre-collisions. With the swell of the last 12 months behind them, Anthony Linell and Jonas Ronnberg have forged the compilation with a paradoxical formula: Atlas of Visions stakes itself as a milestone release that retains the sure-footed programming of its proprietors yet cuts a new silhouette for what the platform of a Northern Electronics release consists of. Presented across two volumes, Atlas of Visions courses through the hyper-pigmented and infectious fallout zone between club-focused works and the abstract territories of experimental modes. The release compiles egression and intensification into a pandemoniac whole, a refracting design for fractured times. Recommended!!!

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A1. Noah Gibson – ReturningA2. The Pelican Company – Temple BellsA3. Varg²™ & VTSS – VARGTSS1 (Do the Roar)B1. Anthony Linell – HallucinationsB2. Exploited Body – She Blames The RiverB3. The Empire Line – Træt Av Lagen, Træt Av SystembolagetC1. Puce Mary, Varg²™ – Violent And DelusionalC2. Fatal – IndolentC3. Tusagi – SwettiD1. E–Saggila – Blue AmpD2. JS Aurelius – Crime Is The Highest Form Of SensualityD3. Mischa Pavlovski – Fra Midt Til Slutning IIE1. Free The ID – Red Fall FoliageE3. Ulwhednar – Emergency BreakF1. BHMF – MörkertalF2. CA2+ – Taki Patch–OutF3. Age Coin – No Corner, No Devil


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