End of Cycle

Artist : Label : | NE54 Styles : , , Format : 2 x 12"

Fabian Kempe’s productions under the name of Korridor have consistently presented a foreboding and striking assembly. Previous appearances on Northern Electronics have taken in stuttering percussive works as well as tense minimalist designs. His debut album ‘End of Cycle’ applies a breadth of expression to a wide palette of mesmerizing and intense fit-outs that corrode and fortify in equal measure. ‘End of Cycle’ is born of a deeply personal set of experiences to have marked Kempe’s life. Shortcomings and tribulations that have prompted spirals back to starting places and beginnings have informed the mood and missive that his debut album seeks to portray. Taking in themes that stretch from despondency to paranoid elation, Kempe has developed an architecture that lets austerity scream. Stark and synthetic ambient plains lead us out of conditions for communal experience, yet it’s these passages that enable the sharp and brooding dancefloor works to deliver the barbed disturbances that they transport.


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#Track Title

A1. Opening


A2. Integration


B1. Fundamental


B2. Walking In Fields


C1. The Fall


C2. Accident, I’m On The Ground


D1. Now Or Never


D2. Eventually We Will See The Beginning Again

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