Love Inna Basement

Artist : Label : | NE-001-GH Styles : , Format : 12"


An anthem of Berlin’s now defunct Basement Q club, ‘Love Inna Basement’ was written by owner and resident selector Bogdan E., a.k.a. DJ Bogdan, in 1993, and for decades existed only on a handful of cassettes and reel-to-reels copied by Bogdan himself and distributed among the club’s other residents without ever seeing a proper release. Finally recovered from the master tape and given the vinyl release it has long deserved, Love Inna Basement is presented here in its two original versions: ‘Morning Dub’, cited by Objekt as the inspiration behind his 2016 tribute ‘Theme From Q’, and ‘Midnite XTC’, cited by Call Super as ‘the track I’ve taken the most garys to in my entire life’.

Basement Q has a storied but poorly documented past as one of Berlin’s most intriguing clubs. The Schöneberg institution occupied a small basement underneath a former glue factory and operated intermittently from 1990 until its final closure in 2012. Bogdan subsequently returned to Bulgaria to retire, where he breeds horses with his wife and grandchildren.

‘nice to bring basement Q vibe to world,,, thanks for listen and see u soon in basement’
– DJ Bogdan


Coming Soon


A. Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC)

DJ Bogdan


B. Love Inna Basement (Morning Dub)

DJ Bogdan

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