Wasted Away

Artist(s): Label: | MYS001 Style: , , Format: 12"


The man known as Persian follows his own path. House. Techno. Garage. Breaks. Jungle. Digidub. Dubplates. Here two cult classics come together as a ‘showcase’ of Riley’s talent.
A song for the end of times, ‘We Should Shout’ faces down the corrupt systems of today. True Thoughts. Real Garage. Ambient House makes a welcome return with Detroit special, Mr FIT Siegel. An ode to dive deep down and beyond.
Green fields. Dew. Sound System. Bass. Freedom. Morning Sun. Persian can’t be defined. A Chameleon. Links beyond history if you will. Normal 4 represents the nu-old-skool. Where were you in ’92 Feed the Mystery.


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