De La Planet

Title De La Planet
Label | MT009

“I try to perform as honestly as possible” — the soundbite borrowed from late dancer Dudley Williams for this record’s second track could have been uttered by The Mole himself. It’s this candor that has allowed us to bear witness to a very marked and very audible transition from his days as a producer in Montreal to becoming a part of the Berlin scene. And what we have here is one result of that very explicit sonic metamorphosis.

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A1. Harmony DayA2. Going With The Hat ManA3. Braineater ReturnsB1. He FrankB2. One–Sided FoolC1. Going With The Hat Man (Drum & Bass Mix)C2. Sandwich Time Is ComingD1. Soft TranslationD2. So What, Don't YouD3. River Highways IntroD4. Time Out


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