Artist(s): Label: | MSK03 Style: Format: 12"


As with the previous two releases on the label, ‘Rellik’ was recorded live and on the first take using a
selection of analog synths, drum machines and sequencers, particularly the warm and dynamic sound
of the E-Mu SP 1200 as the lead.
‘The ‘Rellik’ project is a mashup between Rock and Hip Hop elements using SP1200 classic drum kits,
filtered and distorted synths. We call this Krauttech’ – MASK
Intense sirens set the tone of the A1 before introducing a thumping sub and delayed snares, making
way for harsh bass and dark effects in the A2 to generate an ominous atmosphere. On the flip, the B1
brings crunchy, modulated synths alongside an intense and thunderous kick whilst the B2 delivers a
thick, pulsating low-end with an assortment of metallic and heavy drones that round off this cryptic


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