Simple Minds

Title Simple Minds
Label | MR-02
Styles , ,

Marginal Returns’ second release presents another debut artist EP, this time bringing London’s shadowy, Undersound-associated Sohrab into the light. Simple Minds comprises four takes on the classic UK tech house sound: contemporary, functional club music, with minimum fuss and maximum freshness.

‘Lonely Wave’ is the sound of a cat chasing its own tail, looping insistent and driving, yet elegant and compelling. ‘Conflict’ splits the difference between Brussels, Chicago and New Jersey, with an organ lilt buried in a vat of acidic jack. ‘Instrumentality’ brings a pure heads down, eyes closed, end-of-night spirit. ‘Tweaker’ closes the EP on a syncopated high, its dark electro bass balanced with a deftness of melody.

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A1. Lonely WaveA2. ConflictB1. InstrumentalityB2. Tweaker



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