Axis Mundi

Title Axis Mundi
Label | MP02

MP02 Morning People is born to focus on avant-garde Deep House and future hypnotic minimal Funk. The label second instalment comes in form of duo Adjustment Bureau. Talented Russian artists Saksonov Vladimir and Kondraschenko Denis are well known to the industry with outstanding releases on labels like Pleasure Zone, Bodyparts and Hypetone .Their signature is all over their work and made them a:rpia:r favorites since a while. Their sound is elegant, their grooves full of accents and swings, always original, always hypnotic, sinking in a sea of textures. The EP keeps interesting all the way, mature and deep but always keeping the dance going with the funk.

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A1. Axis MundiA2. TainaB1. SimulacrumB2. Mumia


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