Title Discopathy
Label | MINIBAR042

Cabanne has been active for over 16 years and is considered as one of the main players on the minimal house scene. He is well known for his jazz and funk influences which bring a unique groove and tune to this set of 11 tracks LP available mid-October on CD and 3×12′. Discopathy will bring an intense pleasure to minimal house lovers, electronic music enthusiasts and jazz players who will fully enjoy this pure piece of minibarism, comfortably installed close to the flames of a burning dancefloor. This album matured and has been refined for years and it is with great emotion for both Cabanne and minibar label that it is announced today.

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A1. MCA2. My TB1. NastishB2. DizzyC1. MinguzC2. RSOD1. BlockD2. Fr4E1. Pope KornF1. Liquid NappingF2. Swinging In The Rain


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