ARTIST(S) Yuzo Iwata
LABEL Malin Genie | MGM07
STYLES Acid | Techno
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A1. SpoitA2. Mount CastleB1. TigerB2. Touch


Yuzo Iwata has made one prior appearance to date on Pluie/Noire in 2018. This EP for Malin Genie’s label finds him exploring further deep cover plains of expression through the medium of experimental house and techno, leading in with the rippling textures and haunting piano refrain of “Spoit.”
The delicate gamelan chimes of “Mount Castle” that follow collide with rugged drum machine beats and artful sonic interference, while “Tiger” fuses jagged off-centre beats with gnarled acid lines and fluttering melodies lingering in the middle distance.
– Touch – seals the deal on this highly distinctive EP with a writing, organic mass of sound design strapped to a forthright four to the floor stomp.

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