Vice Man

Artist : , Label : | MCRV006 Styles : Format : 12"


The EP leads with an enchanting dub inclined cut entitled Vice Man’ which narrates a story of a dub marching techno soldier from the cold camps of Russia. The mood of this fine crafted art form places the listener in a victorious state of mind. As second, we find an experimentation of gender edges that form a medley of attenuating and danceable cuts called Milk Escape’. As the track progresses, we find the dub entrancing reverberations growing and flourishing into an impenetrable realm of splendor, making this one of MixCult’s true favorite refrains. The EP comes to an end with Brickman’s Multiverse’ which amalgamates into an enchanting dualism between peak time breakdown and beginning of afterhours sound. Multiverse comes down as the equinox and as the romantic blanket of this expertly assembled release.


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A1. Kirill Matveev – Vice Man

Brickman, Kirill Matveev


A2. Kirill Matveev – Milk Escape

Brickman, Kirill Matveev


B. Brickman – Multiverse

Brickman, Kirill Matveev