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Detroit’s Delano Smith joins My Baby Records to release two soulful originals including remixes from Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and Chuck Flask & Keith Kemp.
Of the original crop of Detroit DJs, Delano Smith is now one of the last remaing. Coming up at a time when the world was just discovering the influence a DJ could have, Smith battled his way to the top in a tough scene full of talent. His story is long and intriguing, running parallel to many of the developments not just in music but society at large that have shaped our modern world. Delano has continued to DJ worldwide for many years whilst delivering quintessential releases on a consistent basis on labels such as Sushitech, Mixmode, Third Ear, and now My Baby Records following artists such as Remote Viewing Party, Rex Sepulveda & Acid Pimp and Mister Josooa & Rickers.
‘No Fear’ kicks things off with slick bass grooves. The rolling muffled vocals and smooth riding riffs blend together, providing this slick deep house cut with truly intoxicating atmospheres. ‘We Go Back’ delivers organic, stripped-back percussion balanced with soul-infused keys and mellifluous notes throughout the track.
Canadian producer Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts who’s known for releases on Circus Company and Musique Risquée provide a minimal remix of ‘No Fear’ laying focus on aquatic modulations, robust drums and reverberating low frequencies until the Motor City duo Chuck Flask and Keith Kemp round things off with a smooth remix of ‘We Go Back’ offering hypnotic rhythms fused with funk driven synths and shimmering jazz elements.


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A1. No Fear

Delano Smith


A2. We Go Back

Delano Smith


B1. No Fear (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)

Delano Smith


B2. We Go Back (Chuck Flask & Keith Kemp Remix)

Delano Smith

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