The Sequel

Artist(s): Label: | M048 Format: 12"

Metroplex doesn’t need an introduction, arguably world’s first and longest-running Techno label. Driss Bennis is a new face at Juan Atkins’ Metroplex Records. Since starting his own label Casa Voyager in 2017, the Moroccan artist has gained a reputation for being as versatile an A&R as a producer. He debuts his OCB project on Metroplex with ,,The Sequel”, an expansive five-tracker, covering a wide range of musical territory from funk-infused breakbeats, fast-paced electro bass, chilled downbeats to focused techno. The astral pads in the opening track ,,THX (The Sequel)” give way to lush electro beats, a funky bass line and warm chords before a vocoded voice exclaims ,,trans human express”. Despite its slightly menacing title, “Global Warning” has the same ethereal star-gazing vibe, driven by breakbeats and accentuated by dreamy piano chords. On the flip side, the fast-paced electro of “Syntax Error” does its title justice with highly-processed fragments of a robotic voice propelling the track forward. ,,Translate” is classic Motor City techno track – Metroplex style. ,,The Sequel” rounds off with a short, chilled downtempo track, that once again underscores Bennis’ musicality.


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