Scenes (2012​-​2015)

Title Scenes (2012​-​2015)
Label | LWKMUS 003

Two producers, one roving studio, a soundtrack for the ages. Studio OST is the side project of Alvin Aronson (White Material, Nord) and Galcher Lustwerk (White Material, Lustwerk Music). Compiled from jam sessions recorded in various studios in New York between 2012 and 2015, Scenes is a 2×12″ traversal of the pair’s cinematic audioscape through breezy electro, aquatic dub, high speed jit, and shimmering atmospherics.

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A1. PreludeA2. Speed CityB1. Above The WavesB2. Bent LightC1. ITCZC2. Unnatural CityD1. 1 ParsecD2. SessionD3. Whitesands


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