Ephemeral Beauty

Artist : Label : | LVNO17 Styles : , , , Format : 12"


Inching ever closer to their 20th release milestone, Love Notes (from Brooklyn) puts on offer here an effort that’s quite represenative of modern NYC, with the Brooklyn based artist whom they’ve been working hard to develop, tape_hiss, getting his signature, emotionally wrought sounds re-rubbed by none other than heavy hitter and worldwide NYC representative, the mighty Joey Anderson. The soaring strings, pensive melodies, and crisp percussion of the originals shine, and Mr. Anderson does what he does to the title track with great aplomb; breaking things down and rebuilding in just such a way that remains complimentary the EP on the whole, but is unique at the same time. Exquisite.




A1. Ephemeral Beauty

Tape Hiss


A2. Ephemeral Beauty (Joey Anderson)

Tape Hiss


B1. Mono No Aware

Tape Hiss


B2. Down So Long

Tape Hiss

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