Bonus Track

Artist(s): Label: | LRDCV2 Style: , Format: 12"

Lescale Recordings proudly presents its second vinyl release, ‘Bonus Track’ by HDZ, a brand-new project from the iconic DJ and producer Javier Carballo (Underyourseat – Serialism) and his partner in crime Aniano. The A-side journey begins with title track’s crunchy drums laying down steady and fresh grooves whilst a stunning sound design and ethereal hooks soar above. Up next, label-head Ramona Yacef teams up with the Italian trio Eliptica (Howl Records), the new project of the sound engineer Antonio Valente and his fellows Andrea Bruno & Rikha, delivering a power breakbeat blended remix with a yearning outer space melody, making the universe levitate and hold hands. On the B-side, HDZ digs in a dance floor territory with ‘Back to Dance’, an exciting rhythm combined with spacey synth, heavy basslines and hard-hitting groovy beats defining a sophisticated texture. Closing the set, ‘TR2’ is a breakbeat cut, with pulsing sequence opening, showing a hint of secrecy. Classy pads provide the foundation for the drums and the housy sounding pulses, layered over a bouncy electronic percussion and subtle vocal effects.


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