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Lescale Recordings continues to affirm itself as an essential young imprint of contemporary techno music. Label founder Ramona Yacef teams up with the long-established artists Triptease, Topper and Luminér to offer a deep release narrating a story through a musical journey. Available exclusively on vinyl, the EP opens with ‘Visconte’, where the iconic group Triptease (Visionquest) blends an uninterrupted flow of harmonic atmospheres that brilliantly interweave together. Up next, the duo Luminér (Body Parts) expands the sounds with ‘Write Me A Love Letter’, and drops a range of deep emotional beats. On the flip, Ramona Yacef herself works her magic on ‘Allegretto’ and stamps elegant rhythms with progressive synths which weave in joyful builds. To close the set, Topper (Sleep Is Commercial), the contemporary voodoo child, takes ‘The Truth’ to task, combining minimal elements with experimental and distinctive textures.


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A1. Triptease - Visconte

Various Artists


A2. Luminer - Write Me A Love Letter

Various Artists


B1. Ramona Yacef - Allegretto

Various Artists


B2. Topper - The Truth

Various Artists

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