Lovers Rock no. 10

Label: | LR010 Style: , , Format: 12"


Lovers Rock Recordings celebrates its tenth release with another lush compilation featuring tracks by three core members of the LR family and newcomer Gunnar Haslam. Opener “Vacation” by Ital sees the label boss crafting a supple DJ weapon out of a lysergic sonic ecosystem. The rapidly-maturing DJ Wey returns to the fold under his DJ Python alias with “Amazonia,” an ambient bomb that allows a deceptively simple hook to lilt across a thumping reggaeton rhythm. Gunnar Haslam makes his LR debut with “Vector No Campo,” blending modular acid and perfectly crunched electro drums. Finally Sleeper Cell close out with the shimmering, haunting “V.” The first LR release of 2016, LR no.10 exemplifies the label’s ethos and sound while pointing to the future, with EPs by Ital & Halal, Yoshinori Hayashi and others slated for later in the year.


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