Artist : Label : | LOA005 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Luck of Access, Andrey Pushkarev’s tastemaking label, is back from a year’s hiatus with a new release from an iconic name. No stranger to the world of the finest dub-techno, a Mancunian producer about whom we still don’t know much, J.S. Zeiter delivers three elegant tracks that connect the dots between Detroit-dub and ambient. On the A-side, you’ll find “Scatter” — a rolling and intriguing journey through melancholic and enigmatic dub techno that’s enhanced by drifting delays, gentle forthright drums and crisp percussion. Over on side B, you’ll meet an impressive duo. “Silent Running” is the epitome of surreal broken beats and could become a perfect set-closing track. “Absence” reveals epic and immersive soundscapes that give you a glimpse of what a dystopian future may sound like. Absolutely unmissable.


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A. Scatter

J.S. Zeiter


B1. Silent Running

J.S. Zeiter


B2. Absence

J.S. Zeiter

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