Title Polymer
Label | LIIT003

Tallinn duo Mava & Nebukat deliver four tranquil cuts on Estonia’s LIITHELI, featuring remixes by Leleka founder Vakula and 1212a alongside label boss Ali Asker. First up, ‘Polymer’ immediately grips us with rising tension – progressive synth-lines and fluttering percussion becomes the main focus here. ‘Ambient Track’ provides synthetic luscious melodies harmonising delightfully with the broken-beat drums. 1212a and Ali Asker’s remix of ‘Polymer’ offers a captivating dubbed-out theme throughout, balancing delicate minimalism, with breezy atmospheres.

Ukrainian producer Vakula presents a heavenly six-minute healer through precise, fluid pulsations and intriguing, melodic sound design.

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A1. PolymerA2. Ambient TrackB1. Polymer (1212a & Ali Asker Version)B2. Polymer (Vakula Version)


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