Plastic Pangs

Title Plastic Pangs
Label | LGS006

Let’s Go Swimming are proud to present LGS006 ‘Plastic Pangs’ by returning champ Doppelate. Four EMO techno gems set to a blackberry picking soundtrack and spaceship rides for the snogging generation.The dancefloor ready ‘Slam The Brake’ comes careering round the corner first, with wonky chords and a lime-acid synth cutting through. The result sounds like doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.’Dreams On The Y Axis’ jumps and glides from cloud to cloud, providing some breathing space. It’s Getting Hot in Here is born out of the long hot summer evenings in London; it’s sweltering, sensual and comes pre- assembled for dancefloor body moves.’Rua Rua’ marries delicate piano chords and a big kick drum to make a pretty, yet weighty slab of jam.

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A1. Slam The BrakeA2. Dreams of the Y AxisB1. It's Getting Hot in HereB2. Rua Rua


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